One million dots

one million dots posterHere is a poster I made which shows 1 million dots on a single page. For a bit of fun, I made one of the dots red. Can you spot it?

To view a pdf version of the poster, click on this link

one million dots poster

Thanks to this website for providing the 10,000 dots template which I used for this poster.

Update (29/10/13): I have gone into more detail about using this poster to visualise large numbers on my other blog here. Also, I have recently edited the poster to more accurately reflect the current world population. 

8 thoughts on “One million dots

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  2. The answer is simple – draw a rectangle over all the dots, double click the box you’ve just created, Fill box in red and set the transparency to 25%. This takes out the white background thus stopping your brain playing tricks on you… and you still see all the BLACK dots, however as there is one RED dot. This RED dot will appear invisable-ish with your translucent red frame and even at a zoom of 200% – the RED dot sticks out like a sore thumb… if you can’t be bothered with that… then set your zoom to “fit”, 2ND COLUMN, GO TO THE 8TH BOX DOWN. Now… zoom onto that box at 150%, this reveals 100 boxs of dots) 7TH COLUMN, 1ST BOX – this is where you will find the RED DOT – Zoom to 400% -(5TH COLUMN, 9TH DOT) – Voilà


  3. Thanks for this illustration. I was wanting something to show my students what an enormous number one million is, considering that 1.4 million babies are aborted in the United States every year.

  4. Hi Stickinsect,
    On Nov 3rd there we plan to set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Maths and Science Lesson Ever. Already 12,067 learners in 8 countries are registered to take part. Can we have your permission to use your million dots poster please?

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