The 10 worst World Cup 2010 adverts

Last week I listed my 10 favourite World Cup 2010 adverts. This week I am going to the other end of the spectrum and listing my 10 least favourite World Cup 2010 adverts. I should mention that these adverts are not necessarily the worst in terms of doing what an advert is ment to do (after all, no publicity is bad publicity…right???), just the worst in terms of me enjoying them. So, again in reverse order, here they are:

10 ) KitKat – Ok, this is not so bad…just a bit cheesy. And the end…just a bit silly. A few years out of date too (i.e. Sol Campbell getting onto an England coach)!

9 ) Credit Suisse – Now this is VERY silly. Also, how do we know they are exercising for the football World Cup? They could be exercising for anything! Also, why do they need to excercise, when all they are going to be doing is watching the thing?!

8 ) Castrol – How do you make a World Cup advert that advertises engine oil? Get people to drive to the World Cup of course! But how do you drive from Brazil to South Africa..? Don’t ask questions! 

7 ) Pepsi – The main advert in this series from Pepsi got into my top 10. I think they must have had some left over footage.

6 ) InterSport – Football meets the film ‘300’. I like exciting matches, but this is a bit over the top.

5 ) Seara – Nice skills…but thats all this rather annoying advert offers. Does anyone have any idea what it was trying to advertise?

4 ) FNB – I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t like about this advert. Maybe I should just relax like the Australian guy…It’s going to be great!

3 ) Volvo – I’m not sure if this advert takes itself seriously or not. Either way, I am not amused.

2 ) Astro – How macho can you get? The answer…this matcho! Also, why is the ‘true nature of men’ to grow wings in order to head a ball? 

1 ) MTN – Wow, where do I start? The acting, the dialogue, the complete discontinuity with what it’s advertising (telecommunications in case you didn’t guess)? Ok then, the script. To quote:

doorman – “maybe you need to take off your shoes”

Essien – “yeah, ok”

Even George Lucus would blush!


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