Learn Chinese with my audio guide

A few months ago, I entered a business competition at my university. The aim of the competition was to come up with an idea and develop a business plan. I had a few ideas and with these, was successful in the first two rounds of the competition. The idea I entered into the third round was for a Chinese language learning game. To accompany this game I created, with the help of a friend, an audio guide. Whilst I didn’t make it into the final, I was quite pleased with the game I created. Here is the audio guide that accompanies the game. Have a listen and see if you can learn any Chinese.


3 thoughts on “Learn Chinese with my audio guide

  1. woo so cool
    the voice of girl in the audio is chinese?

    all are great in this short audio, but I’m doubt about I need food thing

    wo yao fan =I need food

    “yao fan” has another meaning =beggar
    food = shi wu
    u can also say “wo yao shi wu”

  2. @Ailsa, thanks for the advice. Actually, my friend (who is Chinese) told me this at the time. However, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible (only 8 words I think!) and I didn’t think the judges would notice 😉

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