European Society of Biomechanics conference photos

Recently, I presented at my first international conference, the 17th congress of the European Society of Biomechanics held in Edinburgh. Here are some of the photos I took while there.

The conference was held at the University of Edinburgh. The main lectures at the conference took place in the grand McEwan Hall (I think it is where graduations take place). After one of the lectures, I went up to the top-tier of the hall to take a few pictures (despite my aversion to heights). I decided to come down a different way than I went up. However, when I got down to ground level, I found that the exit was locked, requiring me to go all the way back to the top again and down the other way.

Lunch every day in Teviot House consisted of a paper bag containing crisps, a drink, a piece of fruit and a roll. Since these items was randomly inserted into each paper bag, every bag was different! Therefore, I am sure you can imagine the time it took to find the ideal lunch, if say you liked ready salted crisps and bananas but didn’t want an orange Fanta (this is not even taking into account the range of rolls that were available). On the final day, to much relief from all,  delegates were allowed to choose the items that went into their own bags.

In the final 15 minutes of the final session of the final day, it was my turn to give a presentation. I think it went well overall. I got asked some interesting questions from the two chairs (the people who chaired the session that is) at the end.

After one of the sessions, I went round the city centre.

Edinburgh has many good street entertainers/artists, including this guy below who you can see getting pulled over by the police in the background. I don’t know what happened to him since he wasn’t there when I returned later. I guess he didn’t have a licence and just got asked to leave.

I also saw this amazing clock made from flowers…

… and took time to go to the top of The Scott Monument, further testing my fragile nerves. I will post some of the photos I took from the top on my blog later.

On the final evening of the conference, I went to the banquet held in the Dynamic Earth museum. Prior to the meal, we were allowed to wander around the museum exhibits.


2 thoughts on “European Society of Biomechanics conference photos

  1. Hi Mike,

    I looked at all of the photos. It’s nice!
    Hey what’s with the dog in John’s house? Hahahahah….
    Have a good week, my friend.

    Katrina 🙂

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