Fantasy football

For those of you not familiar with fantasy football, the general idea is to create a team of football players with the aim of scoring as many points as you can every week. Points are scored by your players when they succeed at certain things, including scoring goals, keeping a clean sheet or just playing for a whole match.

Last season, I played Fantasy Premier League. This game covers the English Premier League and is in my opinion, the best fantasy football game available on the internet. Best of all, its free!

Once you sign up on the Fantasy Premier League website (, you can begin selecting your players. You have £100 million to buy 15 players. From these 15 players, you have to select a team of 11 each gameweek. You can make 1 free transfer every week in order to improve your squad. You also get 2 wildcards that allow you completely change your squad.

This season, I will be playing Fantasy Premier League again and in preparation, I have created a private league (the Super-Duper League). It would be great if many of you could join my league too. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Leagues’ link in the main menu once you have created a team. The code to join the Super-Duper League is 437-121241.

Good luck!


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