Whilst I was home for a few days, we decided to go for a good ol’ family trip to Brooklands Museum. The museum is situated at the site of the historic racetrack and has a collection of planes and cars from many different eras.

Me inside the cockpit of a Hawker Hunter jet

British Airways’ Concord, the main attraction of the museum

Inside Concord… very narrow.

On certain days, the museum runs rides in historic (or historic looking) cars. The rides take in part of the banking of the old race circuit.

This is the photo I took just before driving onto the banking. Due to the fact that I was still clutching my camera at the time and due to the minimal side restraints, I nearly fell out the side of the car as it banked.

This is (perhaps) what my photo of going round the circuit would have looked like if I had not been hanging on for dear life with my one free hand.

A F1 car exhibit.


5 thoughts on “Brooklands

  1. Hey you! The F1 car exhibit looks amazing! I am a huge fan of cars (well, not the technicalities per se), but I enjoy the designs and dynamics and whatnot.

    Great photos, lovely stuff!!



    P.S: Did you put up photos of your trip to Singapore?

  2. The museum looks quite interesting. You must have felt very joyful during the trip. It’s delight for me to share your wonderful experience.

  3. The pictures are great…you actually got to sit in one of those cool! Should have taken a close up though!
    Also, your daredevil act is truly admirable…I can recall from past experience how terribly difficult it is to maintain balance while perched atop one of those mean machines!!

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