Photos of Singapore (part 1)

Its taken me a while to sort through my photos from Singapore, but I have finally found some time and here they are (the first lot anyway). The second part in this series of photos can be  found here. The third part can be found here.

On my first day, I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend from Singapore. She took me to Little India, one of the many neighbourhoods.

Here is me with some coconuts.

Later we went to a Indonesian restaurant. Just look at this amazing drink!

Of course, the real reason I was in Singapore (officially) was to attend the conference, The World Congress of Biomechanics. When I first arrived at the venue, I found that the conference was not held in a formal series of lecture halls, as I had expected, but in part of a massive shopping complex! On the first few days we shared the conference facilities with a conference on harmonicas (seriously). Here are some of the harmonica conference delegates performing in Suntec City.

Every day, as well as hundreds of 15 minute presentations, there were a few plenary talks that everyone could attend.

And at the end of every day, a 1 hour poster session.

Here is my poster that I presented at the conference (on the right). During the poster session, I stood here and tried to look intelligent.

On a few of the evenings following the posters, I ventured into the city. One night I went to a restaurant with a few Japanese friends I had met the conference. Here is me partaking in the traditional Japanese custom of taking photos of the food.

I also went on the famous night safari with my supervisor. Can you spot the lions?

One of the best things about Singapore, in my opinion, was the delicious food. compared to the conference in Edinburgh I attended, where we were offered a paper bag of assorted snacks, in Singapore, lunch consisted of a massive buffet of Chinese food, Indian food and everything in-between. Here is me next to a friend I met on my trip to Taiwan last year.

Here is the hotel I stayed in for the 10 days I was in Singapore, Hotel 1929. Before travelling, I had spent quite a while looking for a cheep hotel (Singapore is expensive). Whilst this hotel was on the cheaper end of the scale, it was really nice and had an interesting obsession with chairs (there was a barber’s chair in the lobby and a giant poster of different chairs in the lift). I felt particularly glad when I met someone at the conference, staying in one of the other hotels that I had looked at, who complained about loud noises during the night. They later found out that the hotel booked out rooms by the hour!

On one of the evenings, due to a leak from the ceiling, I got moved to a room in another hotel. I just had to take a picture of this funky light there.

The conference closed on the final day with a banquet held on Sentosa island. Here is one of the acts that performed.

And here is another act, a belly dancer. For some reason, the male professors seamed particularly interested in this one.


7 thoughts on “Photos of Singapore (part 1)

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  3. OMG YOU WENT TO SINGAPORE?!?! i really want to go there :< lol! i dont know what i clicked to get here but im glad i did 😀 haha!

    • Ha ha, I have no idea how you got there either. i guess my blog contains many mysteries! I went there for around 10 days, mainly for a conference, although I also got the chance to do a bit of sightseeing.

      • thats so awesome!! i see that you enjoyed it 😀 singapore is one my must go to places 🙂 its really close to where my parents came from! theyre from brunei not too far from singapore 🙂

      • nope infact ive only been back once x) when i was 1 x) i think and i havnt been back there yet would love to go back :3

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