Photos of Singapore (part 2)

Here is the second installment of my (thrilling!?) photos of Singapore series. The first part can be found here. The third part can be found here.

On the first day following the World Congress of Biomechanics, I met up with Sonal, a friend who I had met at the conference. One preconception I had about Singapore that certainly held true as I walked around, was how clean everything was. I was forever seeing people polishing things …

The first place we went on this day was Marina Bay Sands, a massive new resort that included a hotel, a shopping centre, museums and a casino. I have previously posted some panoramic photos I took from the top, but here is a photo taken from the inside.

Here is me and Sonal at the top. Just look how brave I’m being, standing so close to the edge!

From the other side of the observation platform, we got a good view of some of the Singapore F1 racetrack. This section is the end of the start/finish straight.

And the famous infinity swimming pool

I had to get someone to hold my feet as I dangled over the edge to take this photo … actually, I just stuck my camera through the fence. Still, quite a drop.

Fort Canning Park was a bit more down to earth and a good place to escape the hustle and bustle of Singaporean life.

At the end of the day, I went back to Chinatown where my hotel was located. In People’s Park Complex, one of the shopping complexes there, there was a singing contest going on. Whilst the singing may not have been amazing, everybody there seamed to be getting into the spirit of the event.

Here is a video of one of the groups performing.

After spending most of the day on my feet, I really needed a chance to relax. As luck would have it, in the shopping complex, was a number of fish foot spas. A fish foot spa evolves placing your hands and feet into tanks of fish. The fish would then proceed to swarm around and eat the dead skin off your extremities (it is nicer than it sounds … honest). At first it felt really weird and I had to keep checking I still had all ten fingers intact. But after a while, I settled into it and did indeed relax.

Here are the little Garra Rufa up close. Aren’t they cute?! It appears that dead skin is not enough for them, as just as I was leaving, the owner of the shop threw a couple of fish food pellets into the tank.

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the best things about Singapore was the food. Living, as I did, in Chinatown, I took full advantage of that. Just round the corner from my hotel was a large market complex. On the top floor were literally over a hundred food stalls. It was very easy to have a good meal for just £1.50 here!

My favourite dish was dumpling soup, delicious!

3 thoughts on “Photos of Singapore (part 2)

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  2. Yes you were very brave M!! specially towards the end! Remember how we almost walked off with those walkie talkie things :O! Had an awesome time that day!! Hope you’d show me around Bath when I visit sometime around the end of this month! Oh and the fish foot spa looks really cool…have read about them but never got a chance to try one out 😦 …lucky you!!:)

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