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Continuing with my project to create a list of great games you can play for free, this post features a nice lively party game. I remember playing this game a number of times in the past; however, when I recently searched for a copy online, I couldn’t find it anywhere. This post features my adaptation that can be played with just some pencils and paper.


Number of players: 4 – 20

Playing time: 45 minutes

You will need:

  • A pencil and paper for each player

Players split into pairs. If there are an odd number of players, have one team of three people.

The game consists of a set number of rounds. Six rounds would be a good number.

In each round, one player from each pair (player A) will gather together. Making sure that the other people cannot hear, these players come up with a list of six words. These six words can be anything… people, places, things… Let your imagination run wild! Do however, try to choose words that all players will understand/have heard of. Once the words have been decided, Player As make a note of them on their sheet of paper. Individually and on a separate piece of paper, all Player As then come up with a six more words, each of which corresponds to one of the original six words. There should be some sort of connection between each set of words. For example, if one of the original six words was ‘Paris’, a good corresponding word may be ‘France’.

Pairs get back together. At this point, Player Bs should be shown the list of the original six words. Player As should hide their list of six connecting words from Player Bs. Upon starting a timer, all Player Bs should try to guess the six corresponding words based upon the list of six words that is visible to them. Player As should not provide any visual or verbal clues. They may however say when one of the six corresponding words has been guessed.

The round is over when either one pair succeeds in guessing all six corresponding words, or when three minutes have elapsed. Each pair scores one point for each of the corresponding words that they guessed.

For the next round, the roles of Player As and Player Bs are reversed.

After six rounds, the pair with the highest score is the winner.

– Instead of deciding upon the original list of six words at the start of each round. Lists of words can be prepared beforehand.

– To add a bit more variety into games, make players play with a different partner each round.


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