My 100th post

This is the 100th post I have posted on this blog! Since the start of the year, I have tried to keep posting here regularly and I think that generally, I have done a good job.

Looking back at the last 99 posts, I am quite surprised and pleased to have written about such a wide variety of topics. These have ranged from cute baby ducks to perplexing puzzles to book reviews to a comparison of my haircuts (which interestingly got the most number of hits so far!). I have also kept a couple of regular features going. In my ‘Song of the week‘ feature, I post a song each week that captures my imagination. In my ‘Games you can play for free‘ feature (that should be concluding soon), I am trying to gather together a selection of games that can be played without the need to splash out lots of money.

I would like to thank all of you for visiting this site and reading what I have to say; I hope that you continue to keep dropping by. If anyone has any suggestions, or if there is anything that you think I could or should post about, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks, Michael.

2 thoughts on “My 100th post

  1. Do you buy anything from UNIQLO??
    Why you put this advertisement in here??
    Ha, Ha, Ha!!

    How are you?
    Do you finish your doctoral dissertation??
    I am so busy at this moment. It’s busy time!!

    • Hi Doris. What you you mean “Do you buy anything from UNIQLO?”? Where is the advert?

      Anyway, I am doing well thanks. Still doing my thesis though. We are in the busy club together I guess ha ha.

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