Three things

I have found in the past, that finding the right questions to ask is often as important as the answers that follow them. With this in mind, I enjoy trying to find the questions that help to define people. My latest effort is this:

“If you could change three things about yourself, either things you like into things you don’t like or vice-versa, what would they be?”

Here is my answer:

  • I would choose to like tomatoes – I have never really enjoyed them, but they seem to be present in every sandwich that I buy.
  • I would choose to like learning languages – I have always been poor at learning languages, mostly because I hate learning languages! Oh but what a useful skill…
  • I would choose to dislike Chinese culture – It has long been a bit of an obsession of mine to visit China and Taiwan. Why are they so far away?

Please post your three things in a comment.


5 thoughts on “Three things

  1. Interesting idea, thinking about things you like that you would turn into dislikes. I’m sure it would help me if I had more of a dislike for junk food in general and chocolate in particular.

    Great start on your post-a-day. Keep it up!

  2. 1. To like tomatoes–agreed! Hate them, they are in everything which is really annoying, so I wish I could just like them so I wouldn’t have to deal with constantly worrying about them!
    2. To dislike ranch dressing.
    3. To dislike pretty much any dairy product.

  3. 1. I would choose to like exercising, sweating, panting, all of that stuff keeps me from getting out there and sweating and panting.
    2. I would like to have a digital camera in my head so I don’t have to pull it out of my purse and miss shots of things I see or so many things that only exist for a flash of time.
    3. I’d like to live long enough (even if I have to be a ghost hanging around) to see how things all turn out for our civilization and our planet. I’m pretty sure the planet will be fine without us but I’d still like to know how things work out, right up to the end.

  4. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! Was browsing your categories and this caught my attention, nice idea! Now for my answer, If I could change 3 things,they would be:
    1. I would like to be born in China, it would be great for me to live in the land of the person who inspires me, Confucious.
    2. I would like to be more patient.
    3. I would like to like eating vegetables, they just taste awful!

  5. Hi! That’s interesting. There’s something wrong with my MSN and my mailbox as well. so here is my new email-address and my blog as well. By the way, please don’t stop liking Chinese culture because of the far distance. 🙂
    All the best wishes.

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