Is seeing believing?

There is a common phrase here… “seeing is believing”. This phrase means that you are only able to believe or trust something when you have seen it with your own eyes. This, in turn, implies that when we see something, we should be able to believe it.

The following video shows one of the most amazing optical illusions I have ever seen. It’s taken from a BBC documentary called ‘Horizon: Is Seeing Believing?’ broadcast about a year ago. It shows that even our own sight is not infallible and that we should not always trust what we see.


15 thoughts on “Is seeing believing?

  1. Yea Yea, I do agree with that. “…we should not always trust what we see.”
    The world we perceive with our five senses is only an interpretation of bunch of electric signals in our brain, everything we perceive can be merely illusion. That’s tricky! > . <

  2. There is a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London that shows this experiment and many others that show how we perceive the world through our senses and not always correctly!

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