Michael’s Marvellous Box of Games

Today is the culmination of my four-month long project to gather together a collection of great games you can play for free. Yesterday, I showed how I made a cardboard box. In this post I will present some photos of the finished game box I created. I made this game box as a Christmas present for a few friends and family. Here is the front cover:

The contents of the game box are as follows:

  • Instructions for playing 31 great games. You can view a list of all these games here. To download the full instructions in Microsoft Word, click here. To download the full instructions in pdf format, click here. Note that when printed, the instruction booklet should be folded so that the pages are in the correct order.
  • Score sheets for many of the games
  • Deck of Bicycle playing cards
  • Stack of 50 Bicycle poker chips
  • 24 dice (16mm)
  • Four pencils
  • A pencil sharpener
  • Some blank cards

5 thoughts on “Michael’s Marvellous Box of Games

  1. oh wow that is pretty awesome! love that idea!!! anyone would be so happy to receive that! i know for sure i would 🙂 love love love it!

  2. Brilliant idea mike and very popular with your family. We are also very impressed with how tidy your room is, you must be a very neat and tidy person!

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