Outrageous! What is Sooty doing in The King’s Speech?

I went to watch The King’s Speech at the weekend and really enjoyed it (go and see it if you haven’t already!). One thing that I did not notice during the film was an appearance by popular children’s puppet Sooty. However, as the Daily Mail asks (in a headline no less), “What is Sooty doing in The King’s Speech?

Here is an extract from the article:

Oh, I forgot to mention The King’s Speech’s worst crime of all. One scene has Helena Bonham Carter’s bitchy Queen Elizabeth trying to strike up a rapport with Lionel Logue’s children by asking: ‘Do you like Sooty?’

Sooty . . . in the Thirties? Actually that most malevolent of glove puppets didn’t come along until 1948 with his hammer and ink squirt and magic words: ‘Izzy-wizzy, let’s get busy.’

Izzy-wizzy . . . once again a scriptwriter didn’t get busy enough.

So is this an embarrassing oversight by the scriptwriters?

As Tabloid Watch (and many of the comments on the Daily Mail article)  points out, Queen Elizabeth was actually asking the child whether they liked sweeties, not Sooty. Indeed, the child in question was not even Logue’s son, but one of Logue’s patients.

How ironic that in an article criticising inaccuracies caused by poor research, the very thing upon which the article was based is completely inaccurate!

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