What is your favorite sound?

The topic from The Daily Post that I have chosen to write about this week is:

What is your favorite sound?

Firstly, a bit of context. For the last three and a bit years, I have been doing a PhD in Orthopaedic Biomechanics (see ‘My Work’ page). Coming to the end of my PhD, I still have some computer models to run. Since I need to run a number of models and each model can take days to complete, my computer is nearly always on. Indeed, it is a blessing when I get the chance to turn it off. My favourite sound is therefore the Windows XP shutdown sound. When I hear this sound, the constant agonising over whether the model will work or not is lifted from me. This sound lets me know that I have nothing to worry about… lets me know that I can think about something else for a while.

9 thoughts on “What is your favorite sound?

  1. Hey nice thoughts, but turning off the computer is not something I do but understand as you study how nice that sound makes. Turning it off and relaxing for you has to be like a “day off” or dream day. LOL I am excited to be apart of the Post A Day 2011 challenge and hope to keep getting updates from you. I like your layout of your blog, i need more widgets! Bless you and good luck with your weeks studies or just “listen to silence.”

  2. Original sound to be writing about! It made me think of how much I love hearing my mail application on my computer make the wooshing sound it does when an e-mail sends. It makes me feel like I am being productive but also reminds me how cool it is to be able to send out responses so fast. It’s kind of nerdy of me, I suppose, but it makes me very happy!

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