Outrageous! Things that kill or cure cancer

Anyone familiar with the Daily Mail will know that they like to write stories about cancer. Indeed, over the last few years, the Daily Mail appears to have been on a quest to classify every thing known to man as either a cause or preventer of cancer. If you think this statement might seem to be a bit of a overreaction, have a look at ‘Kill or cure?‘. This website lists over 200 things which the Daily Mail claims causes or prevents cancer. Examples include sandals (which cause cancer), pasta (which prevents cancer) and bread (which both causes and prevents cancer).

Whilst this may seem like a bit of a joke, I think there is a serious problem with this kind of reporting by the Daily Mail. By sensationalising the relatively minimal risks/benefits posed by these things, people will become confused, lost in a sea of information. Essentially they will spend so much time worrying whether bread is good or bad for them that they will ignore the basics, forget that you can’t go far wrong with fruit vegetables and a bit of exercise (whilst not eating pizza for breakfast).


8 thoughts on “Outrageous! Things that kill or cure cancer

  1. I agree. When my wife’s mother had a cancer, my wife and I studied many many treatment from Western medicine to Eastern medicine.
    But the studying hard made her tired very much. So mental care is the most important treatment, I think.

  2. I agree with you. The Daily Mail are irresponsible in the way that they “report” these things and spew out so much contradictory “advice” that it just makes me question their motives. I’ve come to the conclusion that they like to cause confusion and panic, and whenever things seem a bit quiet they get out a big stick and stir up as much controversy as they can just for effect. I’ve given up reading the DM now because I was finding myself getting angry too often with them. I wouldn’t even trust they’ve got the correct date at the top now!!

    • Yes, unfortunately “apples are good for you, lots and lots of chocolate not so much so” does not sell as many papers as “bread causes cancer say scientists!!!”. At the end of the day, you can interpret any report or study to fit you agenda.

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