What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

The topic from The Daily Post that I have chosen to write about this week is:

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

Whilst there is not one specific thing that is “driving [me] nuts” right now, there are many things that annoy me. Here is a (not so serious) list of three of them:

  • You know those double doors that only open one way? You know, the ones with that little sticky outy thing on one of the doors that means you should open it before the other? Well anyway, it annoys me when people open the wrong door (i.e. the one without the little sticky outy thing), causing them not to shut properly.
  • In one of the restaurants on my university campus, there is a vegetarian bar that serves couscous and rice. When serving customers, the catering staff always (and I mean always) carefully measure out one and a half spoons of whatever has been ordered. Measuring out that extra half wastes so much time. Why not get a bigger spoon!!!
  • I get really annoyed when I arrive at a pedestrian crossing only to find that the people already standing there have not pressed the button. Often these people are standing right next to the button, requiring me to walk round them in order to press it myself!


10 thoughts on “What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts?

  1. haha X) i kinda found those kinda funny! but i can relate! one that that does get on my nerves is when theres an express line up and people with like a million things still go to the express lane when it specifically says 10 items or less. people dont read those it annoys me. then why bother to have an express lane when people are abusing it like that! i mostly see this in china town though. those darn chiense people!!( i know im chinese .. makes me so ashamed of my culture) anyways there are just silly people out there 🙂 i guess i should look at it differently instead of letting it get on my nerves i make something funny out of it?

  2. What drives me nuts, is when the doors to enter into a store, the ones where they are suppose to be magnetic and open automatically, DON’T!
    All doors should have PUSH or PULL on them!
    I hate it when I really want an item at a store, but there is no price tag. The same goes at resale stores. The policy is that they cannot sell an item if there is not price tag. THEN why did you put that item OUT anyhow?!
    When others say, Oh make my hair look like So and so, (George Clooney) yeah like on that Television show blah blah blah, hey I don’t own a TV nor watch it! News flash not everyone watches TV!

  3. What annoys me is when the train is pulling into the station and people get up about 3 minutes in advance. Why???? Funny though. I enjoy blocking people in next to me who blatantly want to get up in advance. Cruel but fun… Emma 🙂

  4. As a car driver it drives me nuts when a pedestrian pushes the button to cross the road and I have to wait for the lights to change long after they have gone on their merry way! Perhaps the people you have met who have not pushed the button to cross the road, are just doing the sensible thing and waiting for a gap in the traffic!

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