Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

On The Daily Post, a weekly photo challenge has recently been announced.

Each week, we’ll provide a theme for creative inspiration. You take photographs based on your interpretation of the theme, and post them on your blog anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme will be announced.

I have decided to take up this challenge, posting a photo taken by me onto this blog every Thursday based upon the theme for that week. This week, the theme is boundaries. I thought about giving a brief description of the photo, but instead decided just to let it do the talking. Besides, I do enough writing at work! So here, open for your own interpretation, is my photo for this week…

I have to admit, I cheated a bit this week. I took this photo one year ago. Next week, I will try to post a photo I have taken specifically for the challenge.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

  1. Wait, I didn’t know it was cheating if we used an “old” picture… I didn’t see anything that said we couldn’t use a picture that we already had if it fit the bill. While I am going to attempt to “take” a picture weekly to meet the challenge, if I have a good one already I am not going to be afraid to use it…

    Nice photo by the way… apparently the ducks were not heading the advice.

  2. I agree with mecalvincasey I don’t think the ducks can read. Never mind Govey will soon be able to give them a phonics test that will help them!

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