F1 2011 Season Preview

The first race of the new Formula One season is just hours away. With impecipable timing, here is a look forward to this year’s season. This post is written by Thomas Brampton. You can read Thomas’ review of the 2010 season here.

Thomas’ F1 2011 Season Preview

Well, after a two week delay, we are finally ready to go for F1 2011. The season now starts in Australia and the big question is; can this season be as good as last? From an overall perspective the answer is surely no. 2010 was one of the best seasons of F1 racing ever, so it would be ridiculous to expect another season that good.  However, while the title race has a lot to live up to, the new elements in Formula one this year means that the individual races should match last season in terms of excitement. Or maybe they’ll just be more chaotic then last season.

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My Memetastic award – update

Last week I was given a super Memetastic award. As part of me receiving this fantastic award I had to list five things about myself, four of which were lies. thanks to everyone who voted. I can now exclusively reveal that the true statement is that I own a large collection of pencil sharpenings. Indeed, I collected them when I was around 10 years old and to this day I still keep them in a large jar in my parents’ house. With regards to the four false statements:

  • I like rabbits, you can see me feeding one here.
  • I have never tried chocolate coated chicken wings, but I do like to eat chicken cooked in Coca-Cola.
  • I am a rather slow reader, even when the books are the right way up. I have never tried to read a book upside down.
  • I have only ever owned one car (about seven years ago now). It was blue.

As for who I will pass the Memetastic award onto, I have decided that everyone who voted on my poll (you know who you are) shall get the award. Congratulations!

My top ten British sitcoms – number one

So here we are. After nine weeks of counting down through some of the very best British sitcoms, it is almost time to reveal my number one. It has been a long journey, but an enjoyable one all the same. Researching and writing about these programmes has made me appreciate British sitcoms even more than I did before I started this list. Click below to find out which British sitcom has claimed the top spot.

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My Memetastic award

Ok, here is the deal. Having decided to reduce the number of posts I publish on this blog each week, I thought that writing posts would be easy. It isn’t. While struggling to find something to write about today, I saw that Sandra of Wizards and Ogres and Elves…oh my! fame has presented me with a Memetastic award. This means that I should do a few things:

  • You must proudly display the award in a post.
  • You must list five things about yourself and four of the five must be Lies.
    (your readers must guess which one is the truth)
  • And you must then pass this prestigious award on, to five deserving bloggers.

Ok, first of all, I am not usually a fan of these things (e.g. send this message to 20 other people or else…). In this instance however, it seems like a bit of fun, so here we go!

That was my amazing award, here is the poll. Remember, only one of these five statements is true.


I will reveal the true statement and announce the five people I have chosen to receive the Memetastic award in a few days. Stay tuned!