What keeps you up at night?

The topic I have chosen to write about this week is

What keeps you up at night?

I work as a resident tutor in halls at The University of Bath. Part of my responsibility as a resident tutor is to deal with any fire alarms that occur. This involves making sure that the students evacuate, locating the source of the fire alarms and assisting the fire brigade when they arrive. Today and yesterday we ran drills for the new students. These were conducted at 7pm both nights and ran quite smoothly. Usually however, when the fire alarms go off they are not planned. Therefore, I could be required to deal with them at any time. In the past, the alarm has gone off at 3am. On these occasions, I do not get back to bed until one hour later. Even after getting back to bed, with my ears still ringing and heart still pounding, it is incredibly difficult to get to sleep.


4 thoughts on “What keeps you up at night?

  1. Very civic-minded of you to be a hall tutor, Michael. And brave.

    Unfortunately, what keeps me up at night is coughing my lungs out. I don’t smoke now. Haven’t smoked for 18 years. But I was a heavy smoker before that, creeping up to two packs a day. I should have quit way sooner…or never started in the first place. I now have emphysema in one lung. It’s only mild right now, but it’s getting worse.

    Funny thing is…years before that, I was in the hospital for something, and the gal in the bed beside me had emphysema really badly. The physiotherapist would come every day, and the gal, a slight little thing, would lie on her stomach while the physiotherapist smacked the behoosis out of her to try and loosen the phlegm. I thought to myself, I never want to be like that. And here I am. 😛

  2. Things like this are annoying, aren’t they? You find it hard to sleep at night then you wake like a zombie in the morning hehe!

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