Fire alarms

On Wednesday, I posted about what keeps me up at night. Last night, the fire alarm certainly kept me awake. At around 3am, the alarm sounded. Since the fire alarm panel told me that the source of the alarm was the roof of one of the blocks in my halls (which I did not have access to), I had to wait for university security and the fire brigade to attend. It took about 50 minutes to get the all clear to silence the alarm. During this time, all the students (including me) were standing around outside. I went back to bed at around 4.30am and just as I was drifting off to sleep, the alarm sounded again. It was the same problem. The alarm was silenced and reset once more. At around 6.30am, just after going to bed again, guess what happened… Another alarm! Following this one, I gave up going back to bed and just waited for an electrician to arrive to fix the problem. The electrician arrived at around 8.30am. After that, I finally got a bit of sleep (until having to get up at 12pm for my daily drop-in session). Hopefully, tonight will be more peaceful.

9 thoughts on “Fire alarms

  1. oh nos! haha thats horrible!! id be in a grumppy mood if that happened to me X) at least its an afternoon session :D?

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  3. a weird and scary thing thing about fire alarms. mine kept going off for no reason one summer night, and the baby in our house didn’t even stir. my seven year old cousin who was staying over didn’t even wake up… I wish I could have been in a sleep like they were, but if there was a real fire, they’d be in trouble.

  4. I always think the fire alarm in the uni halls is just far too sensitive… I had experienced quite a few times when I was in Brendon Court & Cotswold Terrance in year one… once up a time it was 5:00am in the morning… wonderful…

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