The Bath half

I had a nice lie-in this morning following a not so peaceful Friday night. So nice in fact that I forgot that today was the day that the Bath half marathon took place. I emerged from my building around 1pm to find hundreds of people running down the road. Stopping to watch for a while before I had to conduct the daily drop-in session, it struck me how expressional each face that ran past was. It was like each face had its own story to tell as to why that person was running the half marathon.


5 thoughts on “The Bath half

  1. oh wow! i am sure those people are very determined! must have trained a lot and i am sure each does have a story behind why they are running the marathon! those people are great to have such energy and determination to do what is important to them!

  2. i love where you live. not clustered by tall buildings… or isolated in a mountain where nobody ever visits because you live so far. there is definitely a deeper story in this photo : )

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