My top ten British sitcoms – number three

At number three is a cult comedy that I have loved since I was about twelve years old.

Number three – Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is set on a mining spaceship in deep space 3,000,000 years in the future. The main character is Dave Lister who, due to a radiation accident on board the spaceship (from which he was protected), is the last remaining human in the universe. Accompanying Lister is a bunch of eccentric misfits. Arnold Rimmer was responsible for the radiation accident that killed the rest of the crew; including himself. Rimmer was resurrected as a hologram by the ship’s onboard computer (Holly) to keep Lister sane. This is despite the fact both men despise each other. Cat is a humanoid that, over 3,ooo,ooo years, has evolved from the cat that Listed illegally stowed onto the spaceship. Kryten is a mechanoid who is rescued by the crew in Series Two from a crashed spaceship upon which he served. Finally is Kristine Kochanski, a navigation officer originally killed in the radiation accident who was found in an alternative dimension in Series Seven.

Like all good comedies, Red Dwarf is all about the main characters and the relationships between them. What really makes Red Dwarf stand out from other British comedies however, are the unique situations in which the crew often find themselves. The science fiction setting (which is taken very seriously by the show) allows Red Dwarf to explore such themes as time travel, artificial realities and parallel universes. Perhaps the only real criticism that I can level at Red Dwarf are the inconsistencies between series, with the Eighth Series perhaps not as funny as the rest. I am pleased to hear that recently, another series (the first full series since the Eighth Series in 1999) has recently been announced for 2012.

You can buy all eight series of Red Dwarf here.


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