It has been a while since I have posted on here. Now I am a bit less busy than I was so I think it is high time for a bit of blogging.

I may (or perhaps may not) have mentioned on this blog last summer that there was a film crew on my university campus, filming a new sitcom called… Campus. Anyway, after months of waiting, Campus has finally arrived on the small screen. You can see the first two episodes on 4oD here. Since I walked through a few scenes during filming, there is a chance that I may feature in an episode. Please let me know if you spot me!


7 thoughts on “Campus

  1. awwh :< the service is not available in my area!! haha thats okay but by the sounds of it it sounds really awesome! filming is another thing i really want to try out. 🙂 i bet it was awesome!! glad to see a post from you 🙂

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  3. my computer is trying to open the webpage though the possibility to make it is slim.
    Anyway, it’s already fantastic when I found you in that introduction vedio. You’re gorgeous, I mean that. Look at the brilliant expression on your face!

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