London 2012 Olympic tickets

At midnight tonight, the window for applying for tickets to the 2012 Olympic Games closes. I have just finished my application. I applied for a range of events from athletics and cycling to judo and beach volleyball. Although I applied for fifteen events in total, I do not know how many I will eventually end up being successful in getting tickets for. The reason is that for events that are oversubscribed (most of the ones that I have applied for I imagine), a ballot will be held. Unfortunately, since money will be taken out of my account (in May) before I know which tickets I have been given (in June), I have to set aside the maximum possible amount. Oh well, I guess it makes the whole process a bit more exciting… Perhaps I can even try to work out which tickets I have been allocated from the amount of money that suddenly disappears from my account come May?

16 thoughts on “London 2012 Olympic tickets

  1. Gassp!!! really?! tahts soo awesome!! i didnt get to go to the one in vancouver in 2010 but thats okay!! i watched it all on tv XD but i BET itll be super awesome to be there in person! hope you do get them ;D thatll be fun!!

    woot also waiting for that royal wedding ;DD exciting!! i think i got a thing for british things XD

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