Song of the week (number 29)

This song is great. I only heard it a couple of days ago and already think it’s great. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the singer, he’s called Hsie He-hsian apparently (or A Chord or R.Chord ???) and comes from Nantou in Taiwan. The song is possibly called So Grow Up, but I’m not sure about that (if you can read Mandarin, please let me know). Anyway, this song is great.

If you can’t view YouTube where you live, click here.


4 thoughts on “Song of the week (number 29)

  1. Thanks for sharing the song, I like it too. I never heard this song or this singer before. I guess he is a new star. And the name of the song, I think, means “So after growing up…” It tells the crulty of reality, you know, it’s very different from what you imagined when you were a kid or student.So the gap between textbooks and reality, just occurs to someone when he grows up. PS the language is mostly Taiwaness.

  2. haha its quite catchy ;D i kinda like it too X) i gotta agree with the aobve comment for the translation 😮 X) though my chinese is er quite terrible thats what i got from it too x)kinda saying life is a sturggle ;3?

    but i gotta say those er doll heads that theyre wearing are kinda creepyD:

  3. Just read this post – Yes, the title of the song is “So after growing up” or “So After I’ve Grown Up”. It is in Mandarin, since it is sung by a Taiwanese singer, so the Mandarin is with Taiwanese accent. I would say the singer speaks rather accurate Taiwanese Mandarin – there are other dialects in Taiwan, but this song is in Mandarin.

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