The Mona Lisa in Microsoft Paint

I have been a little busy recently, so I haven’t been able to spend a long time writing this post today. However, here is a YouTube video I wanted to share:

Whilst quite lighthearted, I think it raises some interesting questions. What defines a masterpiece (like the Mona Lisa); simply the  end product, or the process of creating it? Does the advent of technology that makes the creation of artwork easier, also make creating masterpieces correspondly easier, or does it just move the goalposts in terms of what is defined as a master piece?


4 thoughts on “The Mona Lisa in Microsoft Paint

  1. masterpiece can be anything right ;3 for example my newphew goes to school makes these crafty things and gives them to parents its something he made for them thinking of them ;3 to his parents it would be a masterpiece ;)? i guesss anything can be a masterpeice its just how you look at it and what was put into it!! well thats what i think:D btw thats crazy paint skills ;3

  2. yeah i’ve often wondered, is a masterpiece the intention or the product, and who defines it as a masterpiece. if the artist’s intention is such, but it never makes it to a gallery? or is it a masterpiece because of technical excellence? in which case is it purely the final piece? interesting line of thought 😀

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