Miss USA on evolution in schools

I should start out by saying that I have a rather low opinion of this competition and all others of this nature. The introduction of interview rounds and the like to beauty pageants does little to improve what I think is a long outdated concept. This year however, Miss USA contestants were asked an interesting* question…

should evolution be taught in schools?

* Interesting in the sense that it provides the platform for some controversial answers, although most of the contestants here do a good job of sitting on the fence.


4 thoughts on “Miss USA on evolution in schools

  1. Interesting question and very interesting responses from the Miss USA candidates. I don’t think they were sitting on the fence at all. The vast majority said yes, evolution should be taught in school. Of that majority, most of them said the reason they said yes was because they thought students should be exposed to both sides of the story so they could make up their own minds.

    Two or three of these young women said it was not their personal belief but they still thought it should be offered to round out the picture of youngsters.

    Only two or three said no, because they thought it was wrong or because they thought it would cause too much controversey.

    A couple said yes, why not, without much of a reason underlying. You could tell they were taken by surprise by the questions and didn’t have a ready answer.

    All in all, though, I was impressed. Like Michael, I am not a big fan of beauty contests. However, I thought nearly all these lovely young women gave thoughtful responses based on what they personally believed would be in the best interests of the students.

    • I just thought that “letting students decide” is a pretty standard response that is ment to be as inoffensive as possible. Also, I really don’t like this answer. You would not suggest this for other scientific theories.

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