New summer job

Today was the third day of my new summer job. I just wanted to take this post to talk a bit about what I will be doing over the next few months.

From this week until mid September, I will be working in the accommodation office at my university. I have to admit that there hasn’t been a lot of time between finishing writing my PhD thesis and starting this job. I had originally envisaged myself having a nice relaxing break between the two. In reality, it was just a day or so.

My main role with the job will be to deal with first year students applying for university accommodation. This includes dealing with telephone and e-mail queries, working out who is eligible to stay in accommodation and assigning rooms to students. So far it has all been good. Whilst quite quiet at the moment, the pace is sure to pick up in a month or so when exam results are released.

For me, the most challenging thing about the job is the 9am start. I know this is not considered early by ‘normal’ people, but remember, I have spent the last four years going to bed and getting up when I like. I am getting better at the whole sleeping at normal hours thing though, last night I even managed to be in bed by 1am. Tonight I’m aiming for 12.30am! Wish me good luck…


8 thoughts on “New summer job

  1. oOoo that sounds kinda fun ;3 to be talking to the first years πŸ˜€ good luck with it πŸ˜€ im sure when things pick up itll be exciting :O i already feel the excitment!

  2. I agree with superjess – it sounds like fun. And you get to be the “Big Man on Campus” cuz you decide if they’re eligible and you get to assign the rooms. Okay, I guess just meeting all these newbies will be fun in itself. You could prolly write a book on this one.

    • Unfortunately, I will not get to meet any of them as by the time they arrive, I will have left Bath 😦 I will speak to them though, next week I’m manning the phone!

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