Inside the Olympic Stadium

Five years ago, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the London Olympics. Whilst I saw a number of events, none of them took place in the Olympic Stadium. Last night I  attended the World Athletes Championships (also in London) and finally got a chance to see inside.


Olympic tickets – an update

In April, I applied for Olympic tickets in fifteen separate sessions. In the subsequent ballot, held a few weeks ago, I got allocated exactly zero tickets! In total, 20 million applications were made for the 6.6 million tickets. This left most of the 1.8 million people who applied ticketless.

All was not lost however. Last Friday, the second round opened for the remaining tickets. People, like me, that had not got any tickets in the first round were given the first chance of getting these. The down side, of course, was that none of the tickets for popular events, like athletics, were left. Also, the second round ticket window opened at 6am!

So, at 5.30am on Friday I got up and logged onto my computer. Along with thousands of other people, I rushed through the application process, applying for tickets in table tennis, beach volleyball and hockey. I finished my application by 6.03am. By that time, the website had ground to a halt under the weight of all the traffic. Thinking that I had failed to apply, I spent a further two hours trying, with no luck, to refresh my application. I was worried that I would miss out again.

Yesterday, I finally received an e-mail saying I had been successful in applying for all three events! I am particularly looking forward to the beach volleyball which is to be held at Horse Guards Parade in the evening and the hockey which will allow access to the olympic park.

London 2012 Olympic tickets

At midnight tonight, the window for applying for tickets to the 2012 Olympic Games closes. I have just finished my application. I applied for a range of events from athletics and cycling to judo and beach volleyball. Although I applied for fifteen events in total, I do not know how many I will eventually end up being successful in getting tickets for. The reason is that for events that are oversubscribed (most of the ones that I have applied for I imagine), a ballot will be held. Unfortunately, since money will be taken out of my account (in May) before I know which tickets I have been given (in June), I have to set aside the maximum possible amount. Oh well, I guess it makes the whole process a bit more exciting… Perhaps I can even try to work out which tickets I have been allocated from the amount of money that suddenly disappears from my account come May?

F1 2011 Season Preview

The first race of the new Formula One season is just hours away. With impecipable timing, here is a look forward to this year’s season. This post is written by Thomas Brampton. You can read Thomas’ review of the 2010 season here.

Thomas’ F1 2011 Season Preview

Well, after a two week delay, we are finally ready to go for F1 2011. The season now starts in Australia and the big question is; can this season be as good as last? From an overall perspective the answer is surely no. 2010 was one of the best seasons of F1 racing ever, so it would be ridiculous to expect another season that good.  However, while the title race has a lot to live up to, the new elements in Formula one this year means that the individual races should match last season in terms of excitement. Or maybe they’ll just be more chaotic then last season.

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F1 2010 Season Review

Since the new Formula One season is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to have a look back at a thrilling 2010 for the sport. This post features a review of the 2010 Formula One season by my first ever guest writer, Thomas Brampton.

Thomas’ F1 2010 Season Review

Hello again. Given the fantastic nature of this year’s season, I thought it might be worth me looking back at one of the best (if not the best) F1 season ever. And what a great year it was: great racing (Bahrain aside), fantastic title battle and almost no politics! The drama stayed about the racing, and for once that is where I will stay.

Since I will do the preview of 2011 by team, I am going to do the review by driver. I will rank the drivers in the order I think they deserve, except I’m going to put all the title contenders at the end; since this season was all about them, they deserve to be put together. And because if I have ranked them too, my “number one” would not have been one of them…

So without further ado, bring on the also rans!

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