Thinking small, thinking big

Whilst eating breakfast this morning, I watched the bees visiting Lavender flowers on my patio. Going about their lives without a care for anything else. For the bees, their world is the flower. Their time is now. Their lives are small.

Our lives are complicated. We look beyond the here and now. But wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to be able to dedicate our minds and selves in such a singular and direct way?

Watching bees lets me escape and imagine, for just a moment, that life is simple.

FullSizeRender (1)

When walking home tonight, I looked up at the moon suspended low in the night sky. To us, our would seems big. But on a cosmic scale, to our moon and beyond, we realise how small and vulnerable it really is.

To us, our lives are important. To us, our lives are everything and consequential. But wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to think that the things we do and the choices we make are not important?

Thinking about the scale of it all, compared to ourselves, lets me realise that life should be led without worry. How can we worry when we realise how insignificant we really are?

To the universe, we are just like the bee.


A week in time

A week in hours is nothing more than seven sets of twenty four.

But not to normal rules does time consent, a week depends on with whom it’s spent.

When it’s with you it runs so fast, longer though I wish it would last.

Now like time so quick, away you’ve flown. Last week and weeks ahead are mine alone.

Where once time ran swiftly away, now each day’s a week, each hour’s a day.

What keeps you up at night?

The topic I have chosen to write about this week is

What keeps you up at night?

I work as a resident tutor in halls at The University of Bath. Part of my responsibility as a resident tutor is to deal with any fire alarms that occur. This involves making sure that the students evacuate, locating the source of the fire alarms and assisting the fire brigade when they arrive. Today and yesterday we ran drills for the new students. These were conducted at 7pm both nights and ran quite smoothly. Usually however, when the fire alarms go off they are not planned. Therefore, I could be required to deal with them at any time. In the past, the alarm has gone off at 3am. On these occasions, I do not get back to bed until one hour later. Even after getting back to bed, with my ears still ringing and heart still pounding, it is incredibly difficult to get to sleep.

What is your favourite word?

Last Thursday’s topic on The Daily Post wasWhat is your favorite word?“.

To be honest, I did not have to think of this one for very long. My favourite word is one whose sound and meaning are both beautiful.

Serendipity – The ability to make fortunate discoveries by accident. For example, “Serendipity led him to find this blog whilst searching for information on looking after stick insects”.

When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

Ok, I’m going to twist the question a bit this week and talk about which I would prefer out of being able to teleport or being able to time travel. Whilst time travel sounds very exciting, I think the concept is overrated. To explain why I think this, I would like to refer to a scene in the sitcom Red Dwarf (perhaps in my top ten list of British comedies ;-)). In the scene, the crew are in deep space, three million years into the future. Upon finding a time travel machine, they use it to travel back to the present day. They are of course still in deep space. Therefore, without a method of getting back to earth, the time travel machine is completely useless.

So, I would prefer to be able to teleport. I just think it offers more opportunities than time travel. I would love to be able to go and have dinner with my friends on the other side of the world.