Thinking small, thinking big

Whilst eating breakfast this morning, I watched the bees visiting Lavender flowers on my patio. Going about their lives without a care for anything else. For the bees, their world is the flower. Their time is now. Their lives are small.

Our lives are complicated. We look beyond the here and now. But wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to be able to dedicate our minds and selves in such a singular and direct way?

Watching bees lets me escape and imagine, for just a moment, that life is simple.

FullSizeRender (1)

When walking home tonight, I looked up at the moon suspended low in the night sky. To us, our would seems big. But on a cosmic scale, to our moon and beyond, we realise how small and vulnerable it really is.

To us, our lives are important. To us, our lives are everything and consequential. But wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to think that the things we do and the choices we make are not important?

Thinking about the scale of it all, compared to ourselves, lets me realise that life should be led without worry. How can we worry when we realise how insignificant we really are?

To the universe, we are just like the bee.


Miss USA on evolution in schools

I should start out by saying that I have a rather low opinion of this competition and all others of this nature. The introduction of interview rounds and the like to beauty pageants does little to improve what I think is a long outdated concept. This year however, Miss USA contestants were asked an interesting* question…

should evolution be taught in schools?

* Interesting in the sense that it provides the platform for some controversial answers, although most of the contestants here do a good job of sitting on the fence.

The Mona Lisa in Microsoft Paint

I have been a little busy recently, so I haven’t been able to spend a long time writing this post today. However, here is a YouTube video I wanted to share:

Whilst quite lighthearted, I think it raises some interesting questions. What defines a masterpiece (like the Mona Lisa); simply the  end product, or the process of creating it? Does the advent of technology that makes the creation of artwork easier, also make creating masterpieces correspondly easier, or does it just move the goalposts in terms of what is defined as a master piece?

Yet another star performance

A few months ago, I featured in a music video. Last week I posted about a new tv series that I may (or may not) feature in. This week I learned that my acting career has hit new heights.

In a video introducing my university (watch it here), I play a starring role (for all of two and a half seconds (45 – 48 seconds)) by sitting at the front of a lecture theatre. This scene was filmed during the summer and I only found out about it after bumping into a friend on the day. Whilst it was not an actual lecture, thanks to my awesome acting skills it really looks like I am listening intently to what is being said.

update: It appears that I was underselling my performance somewhat. You can also see my right ear at 38 seconds. Hollywood, here I come.