I just wanted to let people know about my new blog ScienceDipity. I created this blog to combat what I think is the common misrepresentation of science, both in the media and by people who think that science is something only done by people with degrees and a lab coat.

So, if you are interested, head over to


I’m back

It’s been a long long time since I posted anything on this blog. To my regular (as regular as you can be on such a sporadic blog) readers, sorry about my long absence. Recently, I have been finishing off writing my PhD thesis. I hope to finish making all the final checks tomorrow. After then, I will just wait for my supervisors to have one last look through the whole thing before handing it in. I have also had a bit of a break over the last week or so, visiting a few places in the UK. Hopefully I will get hold of some photos soon.

Next week, I will be starting my new summer job, working in the accommodation office of my university. Whilst I will be working from 9 to 5, I still think I will have time to come and post here, as well as checking out other blogs.

What made me decide to start a blog?

Last week, I said that every Wednesday I would be writing about a particular topic chosen by someone else. I also set up a poll to decide who would choose the topic. I can now reveal that the winner is …

… drum roll …

“… any one of the seven daily topics featured in The Daily Post the previous week.”

So, here is the topic I have chosen this week:

What made you decide to start a blog? If you’ve blogged about this before, go back and read it. Is that still the reason? What’s changed?

Well, I guess I first started this blog nearly a year ago to keep a record of and share the interesting little things I come across in life. I think that is largely still the case now. Things that I like to share include songs, puzzles, board games and my own thoughts. Essentially, I believe that if i am interested in something, there must be other people out there that are interested in them too. Perhaps this is somewhat self-indulgent of me, but I am quite passionate about some of the things I post about on here and I really enjoy it when I can make others feel the same way.

To answer the question of why I started this post-a-day challenge, I can honestly say it was just a whim. I read about the challenge about 15 minutes before midnight on the 1st January and thought “why not?”. Sometimes it is good not to think about things too much. People who know me will know that if I think about things, I think about them for a long time. Indeed, I have been looking for a laptop to replace my nearly 8-year-old computer for over 2 years now! So yes, a whim. I am quite proud that I have managed to get this far, quite surprised how naturally posting every day has come and quite intrigued as to how long it will last.

My 100th post

This is the 100th post I have posted on this blog! Since the start of the year, I have tried to keep posting here regularly and I think that generally, I have done a good job.

Looking back at the last 99 posts, I am quite surprised and pleased to have written about such a wide variety of topics. These have ranged from cute baby ducks to perplexing puzzles to book reviews to a comparison of my haircuts (which interestingly got the most number of hits so far!). I have also kept a couple of regular features going. In my ‘Song of the week‘ feature, I post a song each week that captures my imagination. In my ‘Games you can play for free‘ feature (that should be concluding soon), I am trying to gather together a selection of games that can be played without the need to splash out lots of money.

I would like to thank all of you for visiting this site and reading what I have to say; I hope that you continue to keep dropping by. If anyone has any suggestions, or if there is anything that you think I could or should post about, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks, Michael.