Things you may have missed during the Royal wedding

‘I’m not a royalist but…’ is going to be a common opening of many blog posts over the next few days. But not this one… ok, maybe this one too.

I’m not a royalist but I did watch the Royal wedding on Friday. I also remained reasonably captivated throughout the whole¬†spectacle; mainly due to a huge sense of trepidation that something would go horribly wrong before the eyes of 2 billion people worldwide. I held my breath as Kate walked down the aisle in that long long dress, I cowered behind the sofa when the couple were timidly saying their wedding vows, I closed my eyes when … OH MY GOD, THE RING WONT FIT!!! But in the end, all went well and, truth be told, everyone involved in the organisation of the global media event (because really, that is what it was) did very well. I think the day was an excellent showcase of British tradition, grandeur and pageantry.

Despite the ruthless efficiency of the organisation, there were of course moments that demonstrated a more personal and spontaneous side to those involved. Here are my top five personal/spontaneous moments from the Royal wedding that you may have missed:

  • When Kate first arrives at the altar (at 1.12 in the video), William leans across to Kate’s father and jokes “This was supposed to be just a small family affair”.

  • Most of the police outside Buckingham Palace looked rather serious. There was one chap however, that did his best to entertain the crowds.

  • The noise from the crowds as William and Kate kissed on the balcony of Buckingham palace was stupendous. Indeed, it was a little too much for one of the bridesmaids.

  • They may have arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, but they left Buckingham Palace in a more modern fashion. Notice the L plate and the number plate on the back of the car reading “JU5T WED”.

  • After a hard days work, everyone needs to unwind a little… even the vergers at Westminster Abbey!

Update: For my Chinese friends (who can’t access YouTube), I have now added photos of what the videos showed.