List of ‘how to’ guides

Since starting this blog, I have written a number of posts about how to do various things, from creating a silhouette to making a cardboard box. I thought it would be convenient to have a link to all my ‘how to’ guides in one place. From now on, whenever I post about how to do something new, I will add a link to this list. To view one of the guides, just click on the link.


Fifteen places to visit in the UK

Two years ago, a friend of mine asked me to compile a list of places for her to visit in Britain before going back to Taiwan. Naturally with Britain being such a wonderful place, I could have produced an almost endless list. However, unfortunately, time was of the essence. Therefore I decided to pick a select number of places that I felt conveyed the essence of this country; places that will be remembered long after flying back to Taiwan. The list that follows counts down to what I felt at the time was the best place to visit, ranking each of the fifteen entries on a number of criteria. Note that some of the information may have changed since then. 

  • Excitement (how exciting the place is)
  • Relaxation (how relaxing the place is)
  • Value for money (how much does it cost to have a good time)
  • Britishness (how well the place portrays British culture and history)

Each ranking is from 0 to 10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best. Note that the prices given next to value for money are, where relavent, those for a single student. Travel and accomidation are not factored into this price. 

I feel that this list includes a wide array of different places to see and do (from tourist hotspots to tranquil rural locations) . While it is far from exhaustive, I hope it gives a good snapshot of Britian.

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