My top ten British sitcoms – number six

At number six is the only sitcom on my list that is still being made.

Number six – Peep Show

Peep Show follows the lives of two men who live together in a flat. Mark Corrigan is a loan manager at a credit firm, Jeremy Usbourne is a failed and deluded musician. Whilst both Mark and Jeremy could not be more different in terms of personality, with each pitying the other for being so pathetic, they do (in a strange sense) rely on each other. Jeremy needs Mark for money and a roof, Marks needs Jeremy to maintain some semblance or normality.

To date, there have been seven series (and counting) of peep show. Despite the quantity, there is still quality here. Indeed, unlike most British comedies, the fact that Peep Show has run for so long has allowed the plot and the characters to develop over time. Another unique feature of the show is the point-of-view camera angles often employed. This is far from a gimmick however. It allows the two main characters to share their thoughts with the viewer. Therefore, whilst the various situations Mark and Jeremy get themselves into seem absurd from the outside, from their perspective, they often seem only too real.

You can watch all seven series of Peep Show on 4oD or on the official YouTube channel.