I have searched using Google thousands of times now. Yesterday however, I achieved something I had never achieved before… a Google search yielding just 1 result (see the image below)! This is often termed a Googlewhack. Although a ‘proper’ Google whack consists of two real words (as opposed to my poorly spelt made up ones) and those two words feature in the text of the result in their entirety (as mine didn’t), I still think it was quite an achievement. Feel free to post any Googlewhacks you find in the comments.



The Google game

I came up with this game silly distraction whilst working doing silly things online the other day. The object is simple, type the start of a phase into Google’s search bar and see what suggestions it gives you.

Here are a few of my own examples:

  • Typing “When will I …” into the search bar gives the following suggestions:

…die, …t snow, …see you again, …pad 2 come out, …go into labor, …os 4.2 be released (among others).

  • Typing “do you find …” into the search bar gives the following suggestions:

…value in criticism, …me sadistic, …it painful when i get funky…

Give the Google game a go. Post your search suggestions and results in the comments.