Yet another star performance

A few months ago, I featured in a music video. Last week I posted about a new tv series that I may (or may not) feature in. This week I learned that my acting career has hit new heights.

In a video introducing my university (watch it here), I play a starring role (for all of two and a half seconds (45 – 48 seconds)) by sitting at the front of a lecture theatre. This scene was filmed during the summer and I only found out about it after bumping into a friend on the day. Whilst it was not an actual lecture, thanks to my awesome acting skills it really looks like I am listening intently to what is being said.

update: It appears that I was underselling my performance somewhat. You can also see my right ear at 38 seconds. Hollywood, here I come.


What keeps you up at night?

The topic I have chosen to write about this week is

What keeps you up at night?

I work as a resident tutor in halls at The University of Bath. Part of my responsibility as a resident tutor is to deal with any fire alarms that occur. This involves making sure that the students evacuate, locating the source of the fire alarms and assisting the fire brigade when they arrive. Today and yesterday we ran drills for the new students. These were conducted at 7pm both nights and ran quite smoothly. Usually however, when the fire alarms go off they are not planned. Therefore, I could be required to deal with them at any time. In the past, the alarm has gone off at 3am. On these occasions, I do not get back to bed until one hour later. Even after getting back to bed, with my ears still ringing and heart still pounding, it is incredibly difficult to get to sleep.